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C7000 Series and C9000 Series Awards Round-up!


Two Fantastic Years in the Life of Oki's Groundbreaking Colour Printers

Here is a brief run-down of the awards and coverage received by Oki's groundbreaking colour printers over the past two years. These awards relate to the first generation of products in the C7000 and C9000 Series range.

A Direct Hit For the C9000 Series

"Oki has followed up its fast A4 colour 'laser' with an even faster network A3 printer that's easy to set up and use, untypically well-specified, and produces great quality prints every time" .

PC Direct - UK

Top French Magazine Reviews C9400

"...the C9400 performed better in Computer Assisted Publishing tests than the model currently thought of as the industry standard".

Décision Micro et Réseaux - FRANCE

C9000s Wins Gold Award

"Oki could very well have the best colour laser printers on the market, and the C9200 showers Oki in more glory."


Gold Award for the C7400

"We've seen some pretty darn cool printers of late (lasers included) but nothing comes even close to this printer in terms of performance and quality. It gets a definite thumbs up".


C7000 Series Causes a Stir Around the World

"There were several great printers in this roundup..... However, the Editor's Choice goes to the OKI C7200 which was fast for

both colour and monochrome printing, and has the high quality and large paper capacity medium to large businesses need".

Personal Computer Magazine - AUSTRALIA

Product of the Year Award

C7000 Series Scoops its 11th Major Award in Six Months by being named product of the year.


Stunning review for the C9400

"The print quality has not been surpassed by any of the competitors' products"

Mediamac - DENMARK

C7000 wins fourth major award in Scandinavia

The C7200 won a Colour Printer test against seven other printers in one of the major IT magazines in Finland. It was selected as the "Editors choice".

Tietokone Magazine - FINLAND

C7200dn Scores a Direct Hit

UK magazine tests 8 colour printers - Oki's C7200dn scores a Direct Hit award: "It's the fastest duplexing colour printer we've ever tested...It's also very versatile and easy to use, making it a Direct Hit."

PC Direct - UK

C7200 is "Picture perfect" in Test

" impressive unit where the real strength lies in its high-speed, high quality colour output along with the fact that it should adapt well to a variety of different tasks. Therefore if your group needs a fast and reliable printer, this one should be on your list of units to examine.

PC Plus Magazine - UK

C7200n Wins Best Buy Award

"The C7200n's real selling point is its speed. Tests returned rates close to the claimed 20ppm (pages per minute) monochrome and 12ppm colour - figures Oki says don't even fall when quality settings are increased. Quality is remarkable, with uniformly bright and vivid colour".

PC Advisor - UK

C7000 series wins "Best in Test" award! 14/2/2001

Oki takes great pleasure in announcing that the C7200 has been awarded Best in Test by a leading Norwegian magazine!

PC World Norge - NORWAY

C7000 Series Wins Product of the Year Awards

The C7000 Series scoops another Product of the Year Award - this time from one of Norway's most acknowledged IT magazines.

Kapital Data - NORWAY

The C7000 Series Reviewed by Top Magazine

"Oki's C7000 delivers good speed, output quality, paper handling and network connectivity... it's good value for money, and well worth serious consideration by IT managers seeking a general-purpose colour printer for workgroups or small departments".

ZDNet - UK

Irish Computer Magazine Reviews C7000 Series

"The C7400 Series comes with excellent management software... In everyday use the printer was very easy to manage and users were generally very impressed with the speed and quality."

Irish Computer Magazine - IRELAND

C7000 highly recommended by Leading UK test lab

"The OKI C7000 Series offers a low cost solution, coupled with high speed and good image quality. Graphic reproduction was on a par with higher priced graphics - orientated copier/printers. Very fast processing of colour jobs and standard office mono work, especially strong at handling network traffic. The well designed build allows easy changing of toner, fuser and drum units".


Fast Colour Printer Awarded German Eco-Certificate

"Due to its high environment and user friendliness, it was decorated with the "Eco-Circle 2000", which is awarded by the TUV Rheinland since early this year. According to Oki, this is the first time, that the prize was granted to a manufacturer of printers".

Pre Press - GERMANY

Oki announces Colour Digital LED Printer

"The smart Oki printing heads are almost ozone-free... Oki has thus proven, contrary to claims made by some other manufacturers, that it is possible to design high-performance printing heads which do not produce this environmental poison in the first place, a poison which otherwise has to be filtered away with great difficulty and not always with great efficiency".


C7400 Makes an Big Impact in the Middle East

"It's ideal for large specialist offices such as advertising or media companies where the Oki C7400 is definitely worth a look". Their respected DIT LAB rating gave the C7400 top marks with five stars in performance, features and value, giving it a recommended status overall.


Excellent C7200 Review

"The C7000 Series printers position Oki as a leader in the market sector of fast colour printing for workgroups. All conditions are met, speed, utilities and value for money".


LED Proves Colour has no Need to be Slow

Hitting back at assumptions that LED printers can't achieve the same speeds as lasers, Oki has launched a 1200dpi, 12ppm colour (20ppm) machine for workgroups.

PC Direct - UK

OKI C7200n A-Listed by Leading Magazine

The C7200n delivers superb colour and mono output at impressive speeds, marking a distinguished return for Oki into the colour laser workgroup market.

PC Pro - UK

Leading Spanish Journal Praises C7000

Expansiòn, one of Spain's most influential economics publications, ran a computer special praising Oki's C7000 Series of colour LED printers for their speed, quality and value for money.

Expansiòn - SPAIN

C7000 win Prestigious Award

" The Oki 7200 is the test's definitive winner... Oki is absolutely the best choice if you need a printer that will print large quantities of documents and pictures."

Micro Datorn - SWEDEN

Major Polish Magazine Reviews C7000

"Why do most of us still use monochromatic printers even though black and white printouts of colour WebPages are gray and illegible? ... LED Technology Proves Perfect in Colour printing".

Adam Jamiolkowski - POLAND

C7400 Wins Award at SIMO Exhibition

Byte Magazine awards a prize to Oki the SIMO exhibition in Madrid. Oki's C7400 was particularly noted for its essential features: excellent quality, high-speed, crisp colours and an elegant finish. It was also praised for its quick and easy integration into a network.

Byte Magazine at Simo - SPAIN

Oki's C7000 Series of high-speed, digital LED colour printers has been awarded the TÜV ECO Circle 2000 quality and environmental compatibility test mark.


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