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OKI Printing Solutions’ advancement on ”More than Moore” at International Nanotechnology Conference (INC4)


Tokyo, 15th April 2008

OKI Printing Solutions and its LED business company, OKI Digital Imaging, today announced their participation in the 4th International Nanotechnology Conference on Communication and Cooperation, to be held 14th-17th April in Tokyo, Japan.

As the world's first to achieve mass production of advanced-type LED printheads using nanotechnology for integrating CMOS and LEDs, OKI Digital Imaging will give an invited lecture in the session of 'More than Moore - Bridge to Photonics'. The lecture will encompass that EFB technology will bring breakthrough in "Silicon photonics" and will view future prospect of EFB technology as a Bridge to Photonics. EFB technology, which has been applied to OKI Printing Solutions' printers, is a revolutionary technology specifically developed to enhance the performance and productivity of its High Definition LED printheads - setting OKI Printing Solutions apart from its competitors.

The annual International Nanotechnology Conference on Communication and Cooperation strengthens the dialogue between Japan, Europe and the United States on nanotechnology. Over 300 global senior researchers, industry leaders, policy makers and technologists will highlight nanotechnology's challenges of tomorrow and explore its links between biotechnology, advanced materials development, micro-/nano-electro-mechanical-systems and photonics.

Harushige Sugimoto, President and CEO of OKI Printing Solutions said: "We are delighted that our original EFB technology is gaining recognition as a key achievement in 'More than Moore' theory. EFB technology will create innovative integrated device systems providing high-functionality through innovation, as opposed to pursuing advancements along the "Moore's Law". We look forward to exchanging our views on future research priorities and trends in nanotechnology with global researchers to further contribute to economic growth."

OKI Printing Solutions' breakthrough EFB is a complex nanotechnology that works by releasing and bonding thin films onto dissimilar materials using intermolecular force. EFB enables to connect integrated devices with monolithic structure of thin film wirings. This reduces the need for wire bonding and significantly cuts down on the size of integrated thin film devices. EFB technology has been recognized with a range of awards and is suitable for various applications in higher density integration of dissimilar material devices.

The technology has improved LED printhead productivity and has significantly contributed to a more efficient LED printhead manufacturing process. EFB provides an enhancement to the existing LED technology, reaffirming OKI Printing Solutions' position as an innovator and pioneer.

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