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OKI Printing Solutions enables users to print more effectively with updated Template Manager software


OKI Printing Solutions today announced the launch of new Template Manager software.

Template Manager 3.0 is a refreshed software package that enables customers to produce banners, labels and business cards quickly and professionally.

An update of Template Manager 2006, the new version currently has two levels of functionality - Lite and Standard. Products will be supplied with Template Manager Lite free of charge, and users can upgrade to Template Manager Standard by registering free online.

With different levels of functionality to reflect the needs of customers, Template Manager has intuitive controls making it even easier to use. No other printer manufacturer provides templates and a user-friendly utility to help customers create everyday business documents, productively. Challenging print jobs such as image masking and printing duplex can be done quickly and easily.

Tony Lock, General Manager Marketing and Sales, OKI Printing Solutions says: "The refreshed Template Manager software shows users how much more they can do with their printer. With the enhanced functionality, professional looking in-house colour documents are just a click away - demonstrating our continuing commitment to innovative solutions for our customers."

Template Manager 3.0 key features summary:

> Template Manager Lite has additional features such as text usability enhancement and adjustable ruler for easier formatting

> Template Manager Lite provides live updating of X and Y coordinates, for ease of use when moving or resizing documents

> Template Manager Standard - same functionality as with Lite, but with additional features such as duplex printing, multi-page support and image masking (clip images)

> Greater document flexibility with Template Manager Standard's Object Linking Embedding (OLE), which allows documents from one application to be embedded in another

Template Manager Lite is available with all new products and is also free to download from the OKI Printing Solutions website. Customers then have the opportunity to register their details online and upgrade to the Standard version free of charge.

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