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Conbipel has chosen OKI Printing Solutions


Italy’s leading apparel retailer chooses OKI


Founded in 1958, Conbipel S.p.A. (( is one of Italy's leading apparel retailers, offering classic and fashion lines for men, women and children, as well as leather goods and accessories, in the mid to low price range. It is located in the heart of Milan and operates 160 stores across Italy, primarily in commercial centers and parks as well as in high traffic city center locations, and supplies seven franchise stores outside Italy.

The Challenge

Within an update process for technical and communications infrastructure, Conbipel has chosen OKI Printing Solutions (specifically the C3450n) for all their factories and offices. Their printing requirements were previously met by having ink-jet printers, responsible for serving the needs of the entire company.

The Solution

The reason for this strategic choice of the Conbipel management has two motivations. One of them was the productivity and reliability of OKI printers, and the other was the flexibility and the capability of producing banners (OKI C3450n is the only one in its segment), fast. This added value has convinced Conbipel that now can count on the availability of a group of printers that can be also used in its promotional activities. Outcome The main contributor in this important business has been Mr. Olivieri from A.E.P., a strategic OKI Partner based in Verona. Further contribution has come from Ignazio Minervini, our Italian Product Manager, who has supported the business progress. Giovanni Tambutto, our Sales Manager, has also announced that in the nearest future Conbipel will expand the scope of the partnership with OKI Printing Solutions.

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