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Maintaining Printing Security without Compromise


Dai Nippon Printing, DNP, has invested in a new printing security solution from OKI Printing Solutions for their Kansai Operations office that enables tight security measures while maintaining productivity and efficiency.

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP), the world's largest printing company in Japan, is practicing solid security measures with the use of their latest technologies, taking advantage of the benefits brought by OKI's printing solution.

Endorsing tight security measures while maintaining productivity and streamlining communications is one of the most important business challenges throughout the world, and no where more so than in Japan. Japanese business leaders have a particularly keen interest in this field as a new accounting law, equivalent to the Sarbanes- Oxley Act, became effective from April 2008. Is there any possible way to come up with a fast-and-effective security solution while maintaining user-friendliness and efficiency?

DNP Information Communication Kansai Operations (Kansai Operations) has found the ultimate answer to this challenge. A single smartcard using" Shared Security Formats Cooperation" format, SSFC in short, handles every security measure, as well as buying from a vending machine to dining at a cafeteria.

Mr.Takashi Takeda, Quality Assurance General Manager, DNP Kansai Operations says: "The more a company works on endorsing security measures, the more inconvenience and inefficiency caused. One reason is due to the number of cards people have to deal with. By adopting SSFC format on a smartcard, employees only have to deal with one card which enables controlling physical access as well as network and office equipment access. "

Unless a smartcard has an entry record, an employee cannot operate any office equipment within the building. OKI Printing Solutions' "IC Card Secure Print" solution is the best security printing solution on SSFC as its C8800 Series protects printed documents from unauthorized viewing, theft and loss as the person who executes print retrieves the documents by authenticating oneself with the smartcard on a card reader.

Mr.Takashi Takeda continues: "OKI's "IC Card Secure Print" brings cost reduction as well because people are now more conscious of what they print out. I would like you to know that it is possible to endorse tight security while maintaining convenience and efficiency. Security and convenience brought by a single card…I expect this format to grow in the future."

It is reported that information leakage is caused mainly from paper that is left unattended at the printer, however secure IT control might be. OKI's "IC Card Secure Print" solution allows users to securely print documents with only a single smartcard. It is an electronic authentication solution which only prints out when the user is authenticated by the system, in turn, preventing users from leaving printed-out paper.

Moreover, OKI's "Secure Print" function can allow users to encrypt files sent via the network ensuring printed documents are protected against unauthorized viewing or theft from output trays.

About Shared Security Formats Cooperation:

Founded in February 2005, SSFC alliance is comprised of 154 companies throughout Japan with its head office located in Tokyo at DNP. The alliance promotes SSFC format which aims to enforce security measures while maintaining efficiency and enhancing streamline communications. Companies taking part in this alliance offer SSFC-enabled products that contribute to endorsing solid security measures, bringing efficiency at the same time. For more information, visit

About Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.:

Founded in 1876 as Japan's first full-scale printing company, Dai Nippon Printing later branched out into a variety of fields, including commercial printing, packaging, decorative materials, business forms, electronics and industrial supplies. Today, it has established itself as the leader in the world in the field of comprehensive printing. Visit DNP's website at 


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