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Mission Critical Ferrari


Motor racing has evolved. Technology now plays such an important role, that even a seasoned driver like Tony Ring – LUEG Sportivo’s entry in the European Ferrari Challenge – admits that great driving skills alone won’t get you on the podium.

Tony says the powerful combination of experienced engineers backing him from the pitlane, and the support of cutting edge technology is the key to success. That’s why Tony has chosen OKI Printing Solutions’ award winning A4 color page printer – the C5900 – to deliver results when fractions of a second count


The Ferrari 430 can reach speeds of over 200 miles per hour, so things on the track change quickly and without warning and the crew need to be primed for a rapid response. Furthermore, the pitlane is hot, dusty and crowded, so equipment used here must be high performing, not to mention tough, reliable and compact.

Prior to each race, a spotter looks carefully around the track to detect potential hazards. Danger-spots can change from race-to-race and track-to-track depending on weather conditions and track gradients, so it is essential that the spotter is able to accurately illustrate to Tony and the pit crew, the challenges they face in the race ahead.

In addition, a race engineer plots the 'groove' of the track - the fastest possible route around the track - for the driver and team. The track groove must be plotted in miniscule detail and shown to all those involved in the race. If the groove is plotted even fractionally wrong, it could jeopardize the team's race-day success.


Whilst Tony and the team can't anticipate every difficulty they might encounter in the lead up to the race itself, by making sure they have reliable, efficient and tough equipment on hand, they can prepare for most eventualities. This is why the team have chosen OKI Printing Solutions' award winning C5900… one of the fastest A4 color printers available on the market.

With the C5900, the team spotter can reproduce digital images taken of the track in true photo-like quality thanks to the printer's High Definition Color Technology. At the same time, the race engineer can print in precise detail, drawings he has made plotting the groove of the track. Fast print speeds mean he can produce multiple copies for the team so that they can quickly get up to speed on the challenges ahead.

Additionally, when data needs to be analyzed during the race or urgent adjustments need to be made to the car, the C5900 quickly prints relevant details allowing the pit crew to make a decision in real-time. If structural alterations are required after the race, the crew can accurately print off the required designs and send them directly to the manufacturers.


Whilst we can't all race cars for a living, we can demand the same quality of performance from our office printer. If OKI Printing Solutions' C5900 can perform this well for a European Ferrari Challenge racing team in soaring temperatures, dust and oil, imagine what it can do for your business. When the situation is mission critical, just like in the Ferrari pitlane, you can depend on a C5900 to get the job done.

The C5900 is available from OKI Printing Solutions' authorized resellers across Europe. Alternatively, find out more about OKI Printing Solutions' products by visiting

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