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The C9400: An ultra-fast colour printer for AOK


To print premium prospectuses and posters, AOK, a health insurance company in Lower Saxony (Germany), needed a professional colour printer that not only prints to the highest quality, but also prints cost-efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner.

OKI Printing Solutions, a leading supplier of colour and monochrome printers to businesses globally, had the product to meet this stiff brief. With its superior LED technology, the C9400 convinced AOK to turn its back on poorer quality inkjet printers and costly outsourced printing in favour of printing important marketing collateral in-house. The switch not only guaranteed AOK high quality printed material, but at a good price and with limited environmental impact.

Whilst searching for a highly effective colour printer the AOK marketing department focused not just on environmental concerns, but it also looked for high print quality, speed, network-readiness and low printing costs. "To date, we have used ink printers to produce coloured documents", says Carsten Sievers a spokesperson from AOK. "However, the speed was too slow and the printing costs were too high. As a solution we investigated the possibility of outsourcing our colour printing, but again this also proved expensive and inefficient. As we normally only need a relatively small amount of printed documents, we ended up with high production costs and we were constantly battling with the problem slow delivery times."

During their search for the optimal solution, AOK tested several colour printers from different manufacturers. After a successful testing period, they finally made the decision to buy a C9400. Compared to other printers the C9400 was far superior. "It brings in-house colour printing to a completely new dimension. The super-fast speeds (A4 colour print: 21 ppm; A3 colour print: 11 ppm) make sure that even the most demanding printing tasks are carried out with ease. Its LED technology also ensures that the C9400 delivers the highest quality printed material," noted Sievers.

Commenting on the OKI Printing Solutions customer service Sievers commented. "One of OKI Printing Solutions key assets is its customer service. We have to make sure that we get help as soon as possible when we are having problems. With OKI Printing Solutions this is always the case".


AOK is the biggest health insurance company in Lower Saxony, Germany. There are about 2.3 Million insurants, which trust AOK. They rely on the security of a strong community.

This insurance-company guarantees the best medical care with modern, scientifically approved treatments and competent partners in the healthcare sector.

The AOK takes care of 27 Million people - more than 1/3 of Germany's population. Each Bundesland of Germany has its own establishment of the AOK. The Bundesland Lower Saxony has two AOK establishments.

More than 1,500 offices guarantee efficient service.

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