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OKI Systems Germany and Prestige Partner for a colourful shopping experience


POS printer solution by OKI and Prestige optimises the quality of processes

POS printer solution by OKI and Prestige optimises the quality of processes and communications in three REWE supermarkets

A solution jointly created by OKI Printing Solutions and PRESTIGE is providing German REWE Schaefer supermarkets a consistent and colourful result in its POS material such as poster, shelf signage and  cooling shelf labels.

Due to the seamless integration of specialised software with the OKI A3 colour printer to communicate prices and create promotions, print jobs are now largely automated, whilst workflows have been optimised and printing costs reduced. With the colour printing solution, REWE Schäfer has been able to implement a customer oriented, appealing shopping concept. For example, product groups are categorised through the use of differing colours, to enable more than 1,700 daily customers to easily orient themselves with the wide range of products available.

Print quality and richness of colour are used to highlight the premium quality of more than 35,000 products on offer in REWE Schäfer’s hypermarkets in Niederkassel, western Germany.

Quality printing of labels and posters in colour and mono is a key part of REWE Schäfer’s comprehensive shop design in Niederkassel close to Cologne (western Germany). Opened at the end of 2006, the REWE Center offers its customers a full range of food and non-food items in an environment of 3,100 sqm, which has been designed and structured for an effective and positive shopping experience – from entry to check-out. In place of the usual signage pointing out various product groups, the supermarket is using colour to segment its product offering. This facilitates orientation and contributes to a positive atmosphere. The colour categorisation is applied consistently throughout the market, from wall and ceiling design to POS print material, which the REWE Schäfer team is producing in-house and on demand.

Print solution for the in-house production of POS collateral

Marketing material is being produced in-house in REWE Schäfer’s head office, which shares the building with its flagship store in Niederkassel. For several years, creation and manufacturing of POS material has been handled using the software Prestige. It enables the marketing team to quickly produce a wide range of material, such as shelf labels or posters using the appropriate corporate and promotional branding. Prestige has the capacity to manage templates, products and images and allows for a largely automated assembly into suitable promotional material.

Until the end of 2006, the production was centred around an A3 inkjet printer, but along with the re-opening of the supermarket, the decision was made to replace it with a more productive system. Thomas Odenthal, Sales Director at REWE Schäfer was clear about the reason for the investment: “We were looking to significantly improve customer communication at the point of sale in general and at the same time push certain high-margin product ranges. Another objective was to align all the various print materials – from poster to receipt - under our holistic approach. This meant that we were looking for a printing solution which offered us greatest media flexibility, while at the same time maintaining a constantly high print quality. We were also planning to increase our print volume quite dramatically to intensify our POS communication during promotions. Our old system would not have been able to handle the increased requirements, due to its limited print speed.”

Following a recommendation from Prestige, the REWE Schäfer team tested a variety of print solutions. Odenthal explains: “We were paying particular attention to the overall impression of the prints, print quality, speed, media flexibility and user friendliness. OKI excelled in all of these areas.“

OKI meets PRESTIGE: From shelf label to A3 poster

The new colour printing solution underwent a rigorous 3 month testing regime by the time it was installed in the new building in Niederkassel. Since then production of all POS material is handled by OKI’s C9600 A3 colour printer, which is certified for the use of Prestige software. Using OKI’s award winning LED and single-pass technologies, the toner-based printer handles paper in a flat path, which enables the user to print on a large variety of media: From A5 to A3 format, plus banner paper of up to 1.2m length, including paper thickness of up to 330gsm. Its print speed of 36 pages per minute (ppm) in colour and 40ppm in mono   enable the team to handle all of their projects in a timely fashion. Using the printing solution of Prestige and OKI allows REWE Schäfer to produce all POS material and labels needed in three of its supermarkets around Niederkassel. This includes colour coordinated labels, which are for instance used in the deli counters to categorise the variety in the products on offer. Shelf stoppers and price labels as well as A5, A4 and A3 posters around promotions are equally part of the daily workload as are all print jobs from the administrative offices, which account for about 5% of the total volume. One key item on the list of print jobs is A3 posters advertising the weekly promotions and as signage for the various product groups, from fruit and veg, beverages to delicatessen. REWE Schäfer produces about 200 A3 poster on a monthly basis, using the “blackboard effect“ – white script on black background, which are being displayed throughout the store.

High print volumes with fast turnaround times

After more than a year of practical experience, Thomas Odenthal is happy to confirm that the original objectives have been fully achieved: “With the combined solution of Prestige and OKI, we have been able to improve the customer communication at our point of sale. Our quality standard has been maintained and the shopping experience is now altogether more colourful and positive. Poster printing is largely responsible for the latter, as it allows us to highlight certain products and help the customers orient themselves in the store.“ Another reason for the positive evaluation: The increased print volume is easily handled by the new solutions and the workflows have overall been augmented. Odenthal summarises: “Where printing ten A3 posters previously took more than ten minutes, we can now print all requirements for all three markets in the same time.“ REWE Schäfer is the central source for all three markets – for posters, POS signage and promotional material. This way it is ensured that corporate design and promotional activities follow along the same lines and the quality of the material used is consistently high throughout. The next step for the team in Niederkassel is to explore other media available for the OKI C9600. In the future, colourful banners might be used in light pillars to draw attention to particularly “hot“ offers.

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