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Der Standard: Daily general proofs produced on OKI printers


Every day, Der Standard produces a print proof of its newspaper for validating. An OKI printer ensures that the format and colours of the proof match those of the original.


The newspaper is produced daily and to a tight schedule which includes the final ‘print proof’. Before the large print run begins, a print proof is checked to rubberstamp the final version. To help the general proofing process run smoothly and ensure that the print-out corresponds accurately to the genuine article, the publishers chose an OKI colour printer to support the proofing process.


• Reliability: An uncomplicated, reliable printer
• Format: Proofs produced in A3 format
• Colour accuracy: Simulation of traditional standard pink


The OKI A3 colour printer is best known for its high level of media flexibility and accurate colour results. The OKI ES3640FX was the best choice for Der Standard. EFI Color Proof enables the printer to deliver consistent colour results. It is best suited to professional print-on-demand requirements and for producing fast, inexpensive photo and layout proofs. To allow customers to obtain a clear overview of consumable materials costs, a monthly OKI printer flat rate ( can be negotiated for all colour printing needs. The free, 3-year guarantee which offers on-site and next day customer service means there are no additional service costs.


Accurate colour prints with OKI – for photographs, graphics and publishing:
• Print-on-demand solutions: small prints, panorama formats and complex media formats, etc.
• Tools and partners for precise colour proofing
• OKI’s LED printing technology: small pixel sizes create optimum results
• OKI’s Executive Series models further reduce the price per page
• Maintenance-free technology and 3-year guarantee with on-site and next day customer service

In the production process, we have to depend on a product's reliability and quality. The proof is animportant tool giving us a preview of the printed copy. The OKI ES3640XF is simply the mosteffective solution for our need.” Georg Lasser, Production and IT Manager for Der Standard


The newspaper’s founder, Oskar Bronner, first brought out his daily newspaper ‘Der Standard', which contains a complex mixture of both text and graphics, in 1988. From the very beginning, the layout has been a key characteristic of the ‘newspaper for readers'.  Today, around 120,000 copies of Der Standard are produced daily, printed on the typical pink newsprint.

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