The Environment

The Environment

OKI Printing Solutions is dedicated to the preservation of the environment through the development of eco-products and social contribution activities. Our progressive thinking has established us as a corporate leader in environmental conservation. Global environmental protection is a senior management priority.

Recycle_environmentWe are committed to developing products, services and processes that are environmentally friendly and help maintain a sustainable future. We meet, and where practical, exceed all legislative requirements placed on us.


We collect and recycle consumables. In addition, we now manufacture products that are resource-saving, energy-saving, and that have minimum impact to the environment right from the design and development stage. Our aim is to ultimately establish completely recyclable products.


Working towards global environmental protection, we participate in social contribution programs. We are engaged in tropical forest protection and planting activities in cooperation with the non-government organization OISCA, who deploy environmental protection activities on a global scale.

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